Sunday, 15 July 2018

Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day 2018

So today we got to see some things...

Adeptus Titanicus.

Everything on show today was for the first two months of release, but they have about six months worth already lined up. Warhounds will be month 3 (Reavers month 2), but they will be shown on release.

Unboxing the big box:

The modular terrain, available in the big box and also in a small and large box set.

The big guys.

Extras from Forge World, the first two boards should be available month 2, the second set month 3.

I so want this train.

Blood Bowl:

The Swift Twins.



Gang War IV has Cawdor plus more scenarios, characters etc.

Above two pictures - This is the 'Gang Leader Pack' - or a similar name. Basically looks very useful containing some revamped reference sheets with far more info on them, revised scenarios, counters and templates. Will be out alongside Gang War IV.

Some great artwork for Cawdor. The big guy is to be a brute for them. So model soon hopefully...

Horus Heresy:

New Praetors, for Alpha Legion and Blood Angels.

Sister of Silence Character. Name escapes me.

And Vehicles for the Army.


Dread Drop Pod, I admit this is both 30K and 40K.

Lord of the Rings:

Box Set:


  1. Jenetia Krole is the Sisters of Silence character’s name

  2. As well as all the other lovely things, that Lord of the Rings boexed set looks intriguing!

  3. Thanks for sharing ! Do the LotR Boxed set have a name ?

    1. The Battle of Pelennor Fields. I think there is a picture of it and a bit more info on the Warhammer Community site.

  4. Wonderful photos as always. Thanks for taking the time to take and share them!

  5. Awesomeness! I always look forward to your recaps and photos of the events. You're doing the Emperor's work! :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. No worries...though I am probably more likely to be doing work for the Ruinous Powers.


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