Saturday, 6 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 7

Well. I took a few days off work and my plan was to crack on with some models.

Alas the days off coincided with my hayfever kicking in - unusually it has only really affected my eyes leaving them saw, bloodshot and aching. Not the best to play around with small models or being accurate etc.

So with the desire to get some work done still I got on with an old project that I haven't touched since last year, namely my gaming boards.

Rather than working on the river panels (might do a bit more if I can over the weekend) I decided to look at the two hill panels I had plans to expand...

So after quite some time (stupid amount of time) recycling some old foam I eventually had the two pieces glued in place:

I used expanding foam to fill the void areas under the blue foam.

With the hot wire cutter and a long bladed knife I started the basic shaping. I also added some thin bits of foam to fill in gaps. This is all very rough and I continued to alter it after the pic was taken.

I cut out one of the rocky outcrops and moved it. I used offcuts of styrene to fill the hole then covered it in .5mm sheet before filling the gaps with milliput. I also used milliput to fill in a couple of other areas nearby.

I decided I couldn't be arsed to turn the two skull pits into pools as I did on the other board panels,so instead I filled them with resin.


Still lots to do. I've started adding filler to smooth out the lower areas. Tomorrow once everything is fully dry I can do a bit of sanding, some more filling and start on doing the rocks.

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