Friday, 12 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 10

I picked up some Milliput which meant I could carry on with the rocks.

This is taking a while due to having to wait for each round of milliput to cure before being able to do anything else. But slowly things are coming together.

This is the first panel which I had started in the earlier posts:

And this is the second panel, with the moved rocks:

The panels can be arranged so that they are either side by side or back to back. The main thing I have to work on now is tidying up the edges so that the panels meet better.

As an example this is the join when the two panels are end to end:

Now obviously the join will never be seemless, but then the join between the GW panels isn't seemless either. But I do want to get the join move even. This alas means more milliput and more sanding.

The slightly pale lookin places is due to me adding a PVA/tissue layers to give a tougher surface to the foam and help tie everything together. The resulting texture isn't a problem as once the sand is added all of it will be covered. While I was doing that I also added some small rocks.