Sunday, 14 July 2013

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 11

So last post until I get back from my work trip. Boards are pretty much done now sculpting wise. I have one little mod to do and some clean up (bit of sanding of some edges and the odd filler job on rock surfaces).

As you can see the join is much improved. Once the sloping area has its covering of sand and similar on the rear of the top level has its sand added the join should be no difference than with the regular boards.

The one mod I want to do you can see above. I want to reshape slightly the side of the rock which butts up against the other panel. The side which you can see poking above the rock on the adjacent panel is far too slab sided. So bit of reshaping is required.

The picture above and the one below show the alternative set up, with the panels 'side-by-side' instead of 'end-to-end'. Again the jon is fine, no worse than the regular panels joining and once sand is added it won't look any difference. However the corner of the one panel will need a bit more work (picture above, top left corner of right hand panel).

To help show up the texture and show better what areas need some work (sanding/filling) I gave the rocks a coat of grey primer.

Panel 1

Panel 1 close up of new rocks.

Panel 2

Panel 2 close up of new rocks.

Panels side-to-side

End-to-end close up of join


This pic shows the rock which needs a bit of work better.

So that's it for now. The plan will be to work on the Junka when I get back - I hope for better conditions to work on it. If not i'll get the panels out again and get the sand added.

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  1. Apart from the lack of skulls I can't tell them apart from the stock panels, well done.

    Have fun in France.