Monday, 8 July 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - Two Years (and one month).

So last night I realised today was the date for my monthly blog post, when I did a quick check to see what month we were hitting this once I discovered two things.

  1. I missed doing last months post – the only time I have missed it and
  2. Last month was the two year anniversary of RD.
So somewhat annoyingly the only time I miss one it turns out it should have been the anniversary post. I knew two years was about due so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it was last month.

I also spotted that the page views for Recalcitrant Daze has now passed the 200000 mark. Which is nice.

So what have I managed to do since I first posted on RD?

I don’t know how many Looted Wagons,
Da Kopta Karrier,
Deffstrike Rokkit Launcha,
Looted Shadowsword,
Weirdboy Tower (WIP),
Ork Fighta,
Kans & Dredds,
Grot Tanks,
3D Modelling & Printing,
Gun Emplacement,
Defensive Line,
A growing Nurgle Daemon army.
A Nurgle Battlefleet Gothic fleet,
Nurgle War Altar (WIP...still),
Nurgle Helbrute,
Minefields & other terrain,
Gaming Boards,
Deathwing (WIP)
Zone Mortalis
...and some other stuff.

I have said it many times before but it is worth saying again. Thanks to all those who follow the blog and take the time to contribute with comments. It is much appreciated and lets me know the time taken posting is worth it, I always try to reply to all comments and questions – though I am sure the odd one slips through. Thanks must also go to all those who have added RD to their blog rolls and helped spread the word. If I wore a hat I would tip it to you.

In other news I got a new tattoo:

Awkward place to both take care of and to photograph.
In other, other, news I have to go to France for a week with work. Not my idea but I am stuck with it. Thus while I will be doing updates through this week RD will then go silent for probably six days. Hopefully I get plenty in before then on the boards and the Junka.


  1. Well, I may not be the most active contributor in the comments section of your blog (mostly due to free time constraints), but I do enjoy a great majority of your posts, so keep up the good work! And congratulations with the 2 year anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Rictus!

    I'm so glad we never got to see the rest of your nob when you zoomed in to take the pic of your new tattoo ;)

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    Even yours Gonzo.

  4. Here's to many more years of hobby excellence.

    1. This post was from a while back...

      Cheers for the comment!