Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mekboy Junka 11

More progress on the turret...

The Zzap Cannon option is done:

Up top the mini turret is 90% done:

While the rest of the weapons are fixed (seems more Orky) I decided due to the height of the turret to model the Big Shoota in a ball mounting.

I wanted the mini turret to mirror loosely the main turret, so the gun mounting is slightly wider then required with the extra space on the same side of the weapon.

The weapon is magnetised so it can be swapped out for the Rokkit as shown below.

So overall it is looking like this:

Once the Deff Rolla has been added the Junka will be longer helping to balance out the height.

Next up will be the second main weapon choice. At the same time i'll finish off the turret (and the mini turret). After that it'll be track, Deff Rolla and remaining detailing.


  1. Seriously looks awesome, I only wish I could scratch as good as you.