Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Scabeiathrax 1

I'm currently working on two things:
  1. The Junka (expect an update tomorrow on that) and
  2. Scabeiathrax (or Scabby as I am not writing that every time) - i.e. the big Nurgle bugger from Forge World.

So today is the first post on Scabby.

Ain't he cute?

I picked this guy off ebay for a very good price even though he had one horn missing. Upon stripping the paint off I discovered that he also had a bit of tongue missing, the middle third (how did that happen?) was replaced with blu tac, seriously it was blu tac. So I passed it over to Maelstrom who was able to do the tricky bit of getting the two remaining thirds in the right position with a core of GS bridging the gap. I later bulked this out and re-attached the tip which had fallen off.

I've not bothered to detail up the underside of the tongue yet but there is something in the works...

I've now picked up some new horns off ebay (for 99p, nice) so he'll get a new rack soon.

The main area of work to do will be the base. The basic work has been done and Scabby has now been pinned and glued in place.

I have lots of plans for the base. Think paddling pool.


  1. I laughed at "rack"

    looking good mate, was the blu tack included in the ebay description?

    1. I thought you might.

      No, I think it was meant as a surprise bonus. Still can't complain when it was half the price.

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see what's gonna be crawling out of that pond.....;-)

    1. Cheers, if it ends up as good as it does in my head I will be very please with it...

  3. I'm digging it! Definitely looking forward to seeing it all come together!