Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - A Short Break For Some Games...

So the weekend past was the regular, semi annual gathering of myself, Nife and Maelstrom. Unlike previous get togethers this one was based at my house with only a day based at WHW.

This allowed us a bigger variety of games, not to mention saving a fortune on hotel costs.

I'm not going to put up a load of pictures, just a small selection...

Sedition Wars...

Our first games of this so they were very slow as none of us really knew the rules (me being the worse as I haven't even looked at the rulebook yet). Has plenty of promise though so the next meet up things will go better (especially if I look at the rulebook).

Maelstrom provided the Strain models and Nife the, erm, other ones that I can't remember the name of. I did have more pics of the Strain but they turned out naff.


We played this at the last meet up and it proved just as much fun this time around.


The star of the weekend was giving Dreadball a go. Was a very quick game to pick up and was very enjoyable to play.

As such I'll be picking up a team shortly which I fully (probably) intend to paint.

Mealstrom managed to have three players killed in action in a single game.
We in no way found this amusing.

Zone Mortalis:

The one day we spent at WHW was spent playing Zone Mortalis.

Tau whatsits by Maelstrom

Red Corsair leader also by Maelstrom

In an unfortunate turn of events Maelstrom managed to lose all of the models shown above due to cave ins.

Again, me and Nife didn't find anything amusing in this, nothing at all. Definitely not.

While at WHW we saw the new Hobbit board. No interest in the game I admit but I do like this board...

Enough up will be more Junka, or some Daemons, or gaming boards. Or something else.

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  1. No sir, nothing at all amusing about any of it at all... ;)