Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 7

Not a huge amount in this post, more words than pictures I am afraid.

However I did paint one more Chaos Cruiser, the last of the ‘chaos’ cruisers in fact as the last Cruiser in the fleet is of course the Fallen Imperial Navy (which in fairness so are the other ones, their fall was just a bit earlier than this one).

Also re-did the crusty growths on the first cruiser as I didn’t like the original look.

Still not happy with it...

Left to right - Retaliator Grand Cruiser, Hades Heavy Cruiser,
Slaughter, Carnage & Devastation Cruisers.
Not decided on the scheme for the Fallen Navy ship yet. I think that may be the part I hate most about painting, just deciding on what scheme or colours to actually use.

Escorts are now all stripped of paint. I have replaced the front weapon on the Idolators with a plastic one as I’m not a fan of the original. Tomorrow night I will start adding the Nurgle touches to the escorts, hopefully it will be a quick job to do them. Friday should see them undercoated and a far way into getting painted. However I am not a big fan of the Idolators, I may end up trying to convert them somehow.

The Chaos Fleet all together
I did have some more ships arrive from eBay today, a nice group of transport ships. These will get a pretty neutral scheme and will be used in both the Chaos and Navy fleets.

To finish off here is the first draft of the fleet list, it isn’t a nice round number but then I do not think I will ever be able to use the full fleet. I will just pick from it for each game.

Warmaster                               50
Desolator Battleship                 300
  + Mark of Nurgle                   35

Retaliator Grand Cruiser          275
Hades Heavy Cruiser               200
Slaughter Class Cruiser            165
Devastation Class Cruiser        190
Carnage Class Cruiser             180
Lunar Class Cruiser                 180
  + Nova Cannon                     20

Idolator Escorts (5)                 225
Iconoclast Escorts (5)             150
Cobra Escorts (3)                   90
Infidel Escort (1)                     40 not in picture above*

Total                                        2100

* Not sure what to do with that single Infidel. Obviously I can’t use it by itself, so either I’ll stick it in a mixed squadron or just use it as a stand in for something else.

Must admit I could get carried away quite easily and keep adding to the fleet. The other Battleship and some of the other Cruisers are very tempting…not to mention a second ‘fallen’ Navy ship and a Marine contingent using the loyalist Marine ships for a renegade chapter which has turned to Nurgle…


  1. Watching you build your fleet is making me want to break out my old Gothic figures and try to get a game in.


  2. Go for it, you know it makes sense...