Monday, 6 June 2011

CRM Command Chimera 1

Another catch up post.

This time the command Chimera for my Chaos Renegade Militia.

At the time the idea of mounting a Predator turret towards the rear of the Chimera was quite novel - I got the idea from the then newly released Apocalypse book (in one picture you can just make one out, just). Since then everyone and their dog has done it...

The main modifications/additions are:

Filling in of rear door.
Detail to top of hull.
Hull top moved back and turret mounted at rear.
Turret is a modified Predator turret changed so it didn't look so obviously a Pred turret and fitted more in the Guard style (rivets...)
Side skirts
New V dozer blade.
Stowage to rear & to the side skirts.

Detail of turret:

Note: After these pictures were taken more detail was added with more rivets & an old school searchlight. But the pics show well the shape and design of the modified Predator turret.

I went with an Autocannon with pintle Heavy Stubber. As this is a command Chimera I added a couple of aerials along with an Apoc Command gizmo.


  1. Another great piece!

    I'm actually going to work towards making a Siege of Vraks force to use in conjunction with my World Eaters using the Chaos Renegades.

    I'll definitely be taking a few style tips from your work!

    Is this new or have you already built most of the stuff you are posting. I was wondering about that, you either have a fairly serious back catalogue of conversion work or you are an absolute beast with your hobby efforts!

    Keep up the great stuff.


  2. Really love this conversion! the level of thought and detail is stunning.

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    Red: I am aiming to get everything up on here so some things are old builds - such as this Chimera which was done 2-3 years ago. Basically any Friday or Monday post is something I pull from the archive! It means for a while anyway I will be updating the blog very frequently, buto once the archive has been emptied it will quiet down slightly as all the posts will be current projects I am working on.

  4. So what are you working on at the moment, the Plague Altar?

    Have you got any completed army pics of this sort of stuff you can throw up? I can only imagine your collection would be amazing!

    I get a ton of inspiration from your blog mate, thanks for posting everything. Though I haven't started much yet I think I will drawl a lot of influence from your work as the style/polish really appeals to me.

    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks very much.

    I tend to have multiple projects on the go at once and jump from one to the other. Currently I would cound the War Altar, the Weirdboy Battle Tower, BFG ships and Mordheim warbands as the current projects. But there are others in the background in need of attention as well.

    Not sure if I have many pictures showing full army pics, or rather showing the pieces I have built all together as I paint so rarely I never get an army finished.

    I will see what I can find in the picture folders.