Sunday, 26 June 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 6

It's late (well very early) but what the hell i'll do an update...

Last Chaos Cruiser:

That one will get painted tomorrow (almost certainly).

'Fallen' Imperial Navy Cruiser:

Not sure how I will paint that one yet. Will paint it in an Imperial scheme which has become currupted in some way.

And now the WIP Battleship.

Mr Dremel was called into service to remove the last of the glue and also some metal to help everything fit together. I also drilled some holes to allow me to pin the three largest pieces together.

The bits then got glued together and a few gaps GS'd. I then moved onto adding the first replacement bit, underneath the rear of the hull, and began the GS Nurgleification process.

Tomorrow will have a crack at knocking the other replacement pieces out.

Lastly one final picture as I got a few pics of the painted cruisers in daylight and thought I would put one up in case it looks better than the previous ones.


  1. I'm not a fan of BFG but you certainly have got the right Nurgle "vibe" going on with this fleet.

    The Green Stuff work is very good, and the use of ball bearings as pustules is inspiring.

    The colour scheme on the painted one is class too, muted and not in your face. :)

  2. Cheers very much.

    Have to admit the ball bearing idea wasn't mine originally, but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw it first.

    As for the scheme I didn't want to go down the usual Nurgle route of green and browns, I thought the lighter base colour would be a nice change and with the mix of washes applied to it would still have that Nurgle 'vibe'.