Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Poisoned Chalice - 4

I am off out tonight to see the film about Ayrton Senna, as it is unlikely I will have time to do anything model wise I thought i'd get the follow up post to last nights Poisoned Chalice post up early.

If I have time i'll be able to do everything in one single post, but that does mean a lot of pictures so it may end up being split in the end.

Moving on from the previous post the boards were given an all over black undercoat.

These boards would have to match the colour of the Realm of Battle panels they would be joining up with, as such the plan was for me to paint as much as I could while I had the boards sitting in my garage then to take them to the person who had painted the RoB boards (along with the trees & some other scatter terrain pieces) and paint the mud and rock with him, ensuring everything sat nicely together. At that point I would also do any last minute changes along the edges so that these two panels butted up with the RoB panels nicely.

So with all that in mind I set about painting the wing areas, the rubble piles and the excavation pit.

The excavation pit - Concrete slab with wooden panelling & steps.

Rubble pile, lots of rock along with discarded panels, wire, fencing
and a bucket.

Fencing, forgot to get a picture after the oils and washes were added.
The excavated part of the wing - PIP, more was done to it once the rest
of the board had been painted.
Unfortunately it appears I didn't get pictures of the other rubble pile area at this stage.

After a trip 'down south' the mud and rock got painted...

You can see that some thinned washes were added and more highlighting
done to the wing detail once the rock around it had been painted.

 Washes were added to the rock faces in certain places to give some more texture to it.

You can see in the close up pictures above the final texture on the rock face achieved by using the tissue paper and PVA/filler mix.

Some foliage was added in the rock crevices/shelves to bring more colour to it and break up the grey. On the muddy area I picked out individual rocks (not a fun job) which again broke up the browns the mud had been painted in.

Water effect was added to the mine shaft which brought something new to the board and also got over the fact without making the board even deeper there was no way to get round the fact the shaft just suddenly ended. Some battered barrels were added as thought they had fallen (or blown) into the shaft and were now floating in the water.

I think that is enough for one post. The final part will follow tonight or tomorrow. It will show the detail pieces I built to give the board more character as well as some in game shots I got from Games Day itself.

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