Thursday, 23 June 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 4

Well I picked up a Chaos Fleet off eBay. The aim was to get a Battleship and plenty of escorts for my Plague Fleet. The four cruisers would be used for parts or go back on eBay.

Unfortunately the ships were crap, even at the cut down price. Not clear in the dark pictures or mentioned in the auction text was how many parts were missing from the Battleship or how poorly the ships had been put together.

So...two days after they arrived I have finally got the battleship stripped of paint and a ton of glue and four escorts stripped.

The battleship has the following bits missing:
The command bridge,
The rear side 'wings',
The 'fin' underneath the hull,
Two gun turrets.

Tomorrow I will aim to get the other escorts stripped and start re-building the battleship.

Amongst the escorts was one ship I did not recognise. I cannot find it amongst the ships on sale on the GW website and I haven't spotted anything like it in the rulebooks...

Anyone got an idea of what it is?

EDIT - Scratch that, found pics of it on Google. Damn GW site pics are so bad you can barely tell what is what.

Today I also had four Cobras turn up. Not sure yet if these will be in the Imperial Navy fleet or join the Chaos force escorting the 'fallen' Imperial Cruiser.

If all goes well on the rebuild tomorrow I will put up another update up, if it doesn't I won't...

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