Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Imperial Guard Command Chimera

I have bascially given up on the 'Friday & Monday From the Archive Posts' as I never seem to get one up on a Monday or Friday.

So I'm just going to post something up when I think of it.

The original plan was to get some pictures of the Poisoned Chalice board up showing the details you haven't seen yet in the previous posts on it, which were really just showing the repair work. However I am sorting some better pictures out first.

So in the meantime here is a quick and easy one.

I built this Command Chimera four years ago now, before I decided to only do CRM. Thus not not after I built it it ended up on eBay.

So the main things that were done to make this Chimera stand out from the regular Chimeras in the force are:
1. Rear door removed and a FW Eagle added.
2. Lasgun ports removed and rear squared off.
3. Stowage and other details added to top.
4. Removeable side skirts added.
5. Predator turret modified with a co-axial Heavy Stubber and removeable HK missile plus comms added.

Quite a simple conversion job and I was quite happy with the end result, though I admit I prefer the CRM Command Chimera I did not too long after this one.

WIP pictures...

The centre piece, with the hatch, mesh vents etc was added later
as once I had undercoated the tank that area looked too plain.


  1. Guess what I was the guy who bought this of Evil bay the work on this was well neat and tidy, You know I often thought this was your work and now I know.

    And yes I still have it, it is going to be used in a scene I am working on and finish one day………..

  2. Wow, never thought I would bump into someone who had bought one of my old builds off me.

    As with everything I build I can always find faults or things that could of been better so it is good to hear you are happy with it. I look forward to seeing what you do with it in the end.

  3. No problem I loved what you had done with it so it will be used well and once done will send you some pictures if you want…….