Friday, 3 June 2011

Iron Warriors Vindicator, Rhino & Medusa (aka Daemon Engine)

I'm getting this Fridays 'blast from the past' post up early so I don't forget again.

This time it is some vehicles dating back 4-5 years. When the Chaos Codex allowed you to build the Legions, unlike the abortion of the current codex.

So these were built for an Iron Warriors army.


Pretty simple really, it was all about decoration on this one. The chains run throughout the armies vehicles as do the spikes (I later did this for my CRM vehicles). The main thing I did for this vehicle though was do the Iron Warriors symbol for the top.

I did a template on a computer then built the symbol from various thicknesses of styrene.


This was an eBay resurection. A second hand Rhino which I re-built using the original metal Vindicator parts (this is pre-plastic kit). Rather than adding the metal side pieces I added lots of stowage.

aka Daemon Engine.

The final tank is a counts as Medusa. Having read Siege of Iron and reading about the Deamon Engines the IW employed in the seige which had to be chained in place so they did not run amok I had to do something.

Game wise I used the rules for the Medusa but with Deamonic Possession.

Pretty clear I think what I used to built it, namely a Bassie hull, a Hellcannon, styrene and loads of chain.


  1. Those all turned out looking really slick - nice work!

  2. Real nice work mate.
    Is that an old Vindicator?
    It looks real similar to mine an mines a few years old.

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    Warflake: Yeah the Vindicator parts are the (now very) old metal components, with a few modifications I got them to fit the new Rhino hull.