Sunday, 19 June 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 3

The fleets start to come together...

I have decided, definately, almost certainly, on doing a Nurgle Chaos Fleet and an Imperial Navy Fleet. They will be 2000 points (ish). I wasn't originally going for that many points but due to a combination of wanting certain things (like AdMech elements in the Navy fleet, a Battleship in each and already building some bits that when I looked at the fleet lists meant I had to take a certain amount of other things) I have ended up going for 2k. I will then take elemets from a fleet for smaller games.

The Chaos fleet seems to be coming together quicker than the Navy one. I already have five Cruisers in various builds, one of which is being converted into a Heavy Cruiser. A sixth cruiser is winging its way from eBay as we speak. As are all the escorts I need I think and possible the Battleship.

Some more plastic Navy cruisers are also on their way as of about fifteen minutes ago.

So picture time. Against all expectations I have actually started painting...

These are the first three Chaos Cruisers:
Left - Painted
Middle - Undercoated
Right - Awaiting some turrets.

Joining him is the fourth Chaos Imperial Cruiser which was boarded in an engagement and claimed by Papa Nurgle as his own.

The fifth cruiser I had I did a cut and shunt job on it. It gre in length and depth. Game wise it'll be Retaliator Heavy Cruiser.

Might see if I can get the second cruiser painted tomorrow. Two days painting in a row may be asking too much however.


  1. You......painted....something, initial shock over that is a very nice cruiser. Particularily like the effects on the fleshy parts.

    The conversion work on the heavy cruiser is awesome too.

    Think I best start gettign some BFG stuff together lest you get too much of a head start :P

  2. It is always good to see more additions to Grandfather Nurgle's Forces.


  3. Cheers for the comments.

    Reinforcements have arrived from eBay, alas they are in a pretty crap state so it'll be a few days before they make an appearance on here. Will start stripping them tonight.