Monday, 6 June 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 1

Been playing around with some plastic BFG Cruisers with the aim of deciding on a fleet.

Once I had them in my hands I went off the idea of looting Imperial Navy ships for an Ork fleet. Just didn't want to butcher the ships looks that I liked so much. As such the main idea for a fleet has come down to:

1. Imperial Navy with Adeptus Mechanicus and/or Space Marine elements.
2. Chaos fleet with a heavy Nurgle lean.

Imperial Navy

So first off a very WIP AdMech Cruiser. Used a cast AdMech skull as the base for the prow, alot of work to do on that. There will also be a fair amount of work to do on the command bridge.

Appropriately this is a Mars Class Cruiser

Chaos Fleet

The first prototype Nurgle Cruiser

Hades Class Heavy Cruiser

Basically done, though I will do a bit of cleaning/touching up once the GS has cured.

You can't tell that well in the pics but I distorted some of the rear detail using paint stripper as I have used on some larger Nurgle tanks in 40K.

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