Sunday, 12 June 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - two months in and the Ammobunker Open Bash

Two months in and I haven't got distracted and abandoned the blog. Off to a good start I think.

Well in the last month I have committed myself to doing a BFG fleet (or two) and a Mordheim warband (or two). Prototypes for the former have been done and for the latter I have started gathering bits.

But this weekend I had the Ammobunker Open Bash to contend with. Being the organiser it was a pretty busy and long one for me involving going up the day before, staying in a hotel and setting everything up that evening and the morning of the event, not to mention sorting food for everyone (£195 I had to hand over for the food).

So here are some of the limited number of pictures I got. I dropped the phone at one point and I couldn't get it working again (untill after the event...typical). I also dropped my phone and the sat nav, thankfully without noticeable damage being done to them.

The Games Day 2008 'Escape from Eidos' board which I built the terrain for.
Dambustas...actually got to play the scenario for the first time. I won. Just.

Commissar Molotov from Inq28 playing Inquisitor on the Games Day 2010
'Poisoned Chalice' board. 
A shot from the Display table - here the awesome Nurgle pieces
by El Diablo from the 'Mind of a Daemon' blog
The excellent Battlefleet Gothic board put on by the gestalt entity
known simply as 'The Two Daves'

Close up of the Tau lines

One small section of the display table.

Shame the camera was knackered for most of the day. Hopefully others managed to get more pictures.

Commissar Molotov will be doing a battle report of his Inq28 game at some point - Inq28

Overall it was a good day. Finally got to play the Dambustas scenario, against Maelstrom from The Rising Sign which for a first try and a new scenario went pretty well. Would do some tweaking for the next time but the fact it could of gone either way at the end shows it isn't far off.

In related news the Open Bash was my last day as an Ammobunker Admin. Basically I had had enough of...well lets be diplomatic and stop there. Either way my last duty as an Admin was to change my membership from 'Admin' to 'Comrade'. And it was a nice feeling doing so. After organising and running two Games Day participations and three Open Bash events it will be nice to put that time, energy and money into my own projects from now on.

As I was out Friday there wasn't a 'catch up/from the archive' post so I shall do that later today.

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