Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ork Dread Mob 3

Well the second Deff Dread is now done.

I am waiting for the base to dry so the toes aren't glued on yet. But in all other ways it is finished (though I may add a few more dags...).

I didn't want the second Dread to just be a twin to the first. So while I wanted it to still be a CC orientated walker I also added in a Skorcha to get rid of some of the pesky Nids that might gather round it.

I also did a different design for the engine block and did a very different styrene job to the front.

The one shoulder pad got some GS to get rid of the gaps between the plates as to have two identical would be odd.

On the front of the torso I cut off the original light and repositioned it, again so that while it is similar to the first dread it is a bit different.

I used the one CCW I didn't use on the first Dread and then used two weapons taken from my yet to be built Killa Kans, it means all seven close combat weapons on the two dreads are different.

Should be an update tomorrow with this Dread on its base (it is only a simple one for this guy), and a pic or two of the two Dreads together.

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