Sunday, 12 June 2011

Escape from Eidos Terrain

Todays catch up post (postponed from Friday) shows the terrain I built for Games Day 2008.

The theme of the game was rival bands trying to escape a planet infested by zombies (everyone likes zombies). The terrain was windswept and barren with rockly outcrops and just a bit of snow. Beneath the surface was an Inquisitorial base hidden from view, two entrances for the base were required from which the zombies were to pop out of. A large, raised, landing pad was also needed as the objective for the teams to reach.

For Games Day the board was only 4 x 4, however for the Open Bash 2011 I expanded the terrain to allow it to fill a 6 x 4 board allowing normal 40k to be played over it.

The expanded 6 x 4 board set up at Warhammer World.
The rocky pieces were built out of expanded polystyrene - polystyrene ceiling tiles in fact. The tiles were covered in a mix of filler and crushed (clean) cat litter. This gave it a nice texture and protected the polystyrene well. Paint wise they started off black, drybrushed (which was kept pretty dark in itself) then a thinned chestnut ink wash was applied all over. Some small clumps of foliage was added before the snow applied. I didn't want loads of snow, just small patches left over from winter as spring is moving in.

For the two entrances I used an old Rhino door for one, battered as though something had attacked it from the inside and for the second a Marine cupola was used. Both entrances were designed so that they wouldn't be seen from above - they were meant to be hidden from casual view.

Pictures of the entrances before the snow was added.

Before the roof was added. You can see the texture added to the
The landing pad was built in the same way, just on a bigger scale. The pad would normally be hidden from view with a camo netting, but this had been blown off since the base had descended into chaos - hence the pad being open to view. The pad incorporates a winch to lower down supplies, a hatch down to a ladded down and various lights and a refueling rig left out to the elements. At the highest point is a comms unit which normally would be raised out of it's secret hatch when a craft comes into land.

And some detail shots...

Think that just about covers everything.

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