Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mordheim Beastmen 1

Been quiet model wise since the Bash. Always get a post Bash/Games Day lack of motivation period, but I did manage to start assembling the first bits of Beastmen I have for the first Mordheim warband.

I am still awaiting the Gors to arrive so they and the Centigor conversion will have to wait.

As me and Maelstrom aren't really planning a campaign but instead just to play one off games where we will put together a warband for each one I am just building a range of different figures.

So far we have seven figures in various states of build. Some are just blu tac jobs at the moment to see how things go together.

So from rear left:
Chieften with two handed weapon.
Bestigor with two handed weapon
Bestigor with two weapons
Bestigor with halberd
Ungor with axe (and shield to come)
Ungor with spear
Ungor with spear.

To add to these will be:
2 more Ungors with weapons of some kind.
Three Gors
Shaman (Gor conversion)
Centigor (Gor conversion)

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