Saturday, 2 July 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 7

Too many projects...too little time...

So my Games Day ticket came last week but as I am not running a gaming board this year I need to enter Golden Demon. This is for two reasons:

1. It means less time in a queue outside.
2. The deadline means I actually get a project finished.

So after mulling it over I have decided to finish off and enter the War Altar of Nurgle in Golden Demon.

Therefore I need to finish it by September the 24th. So I got it out today to see what needs to be done. Quite a lot actually.

The plan will be to finish the hull before moving onto the bell and associated area, but I couldn't help having a quick look at what the bell mounting may look like, as well as just placing on the FW Plaguerider figures.

The idea will be to have a different 'texture' to each third of the Nurgle rune, the one will be raised slightly for the bell ringer to stand on.

Still plenty of working out required, but the general
idea I think is workable.

The two Plague rider figures on top.

The final Plague rider figure goes on one of the platforms, this guy will be removeable as he will also feature in my Carnival of Chaos Mordheim Warband.

Will now get on with the hull, however it will not be my main focus, as the BFG Nurgle fleet with remain the priority (untill GD gets closer anyway...)

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