Saturday, 16 July 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 12

Been a bit quiet recently but progress has been made.

The last of the Chaos escorts are now done, along with the Cobra escorts for the renegade Navy contingent.

Not that happy with the Cobras. Mainly the prows, could do with some touching up or maybe redoing completely.

The battleship is now rebuilt. The new one arrived from GW in the week and I was pleasantly surprised to find it comes with two command bridge variants, one of these replaced the missing one on the first battleship saving me a lot of hassle. So in addition to the new command bridge I used a couple of lance turrets I removed from the escorts to replace the missing turrets on the battleship. I had to cut them down slightly but otherwise they fit in well. Story being the ship had two turrets which needed replacing and the facility they used only had an alternative design.

So the full fleet as it stands now looks like this...

So in the next week the first battleship will get painted and the second one will get built and painted.

Tomorrow I am out all day so it'll be Monday before any more work gets done on the last two ships (before the Marine ships get picked up at GD anyway).


  1. Wow! That fleet just keeps looking better and better! We;;. better being a relative word for anything Nurglish! :) Cracking work, can't wait to see what's next!

  2. I've been following the progress of your fleet for quite a while now but haven't commented yet. Your ships are looking really good and have a great Nurgley feel to them. It's always nice to see people working on the specialist games range as they are ofter overlooked but offer some fantastic modelling opportunities as you've shown here.

    As for the turrets being different, don't worry about it. Your rationale makes sense (a renegade fleet isn't going to be that well maintained). Also, this is a Chaos fleet so it shouldn't look too uniform.

  3. Mordian7th: Cheers, who said Nurgle couldn't be pretty...

    thelosthobbit: Thanks very much. Once the BFG ships are out of the way there will be some more Specialist Games stuff up on here in the form of Mordheim. Necromunda is a possibility in the future as well. But not yet, I hope.


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