Friday, 8 July 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 10

Somewhat shorter update than I had planned due to the amount of time I spent on the Daemonship.

As such I'll just post up the pictures of the two cruisers that were worked on tonight, the more wordy stuff can wait till later.

First up the Daemonship - 90% done. Want to redo the Nurgle balls at the back, green doesn't quite work for me. Also need ot blacken up the engine area.

I have no idea how it will turn out in a game. The idea is to sow confusion by having it pop up in amongst the enemy fleet. I’m not that concerned if it manages to do much damage or not, the main aim will to cause (appropriately) chaos, as ships have to react to having an enemy ship so close which can potentially pour out a nice amount of firepower.

Next the second fallen Imperial Cruiser is almost a finished build, will probably go back and adjust the 'growth' on top.

I was short of Imperial lance batteries, I was going to scrounge some but then hit on the idea of using some chaos ones on there, far from Imperial facilities the ship has been repaired using the parts available. Adds something of a ‘rag-tag’ feel to the ship, which I think is appropriate for a renegade Imperial ship dedicated to Papa Nurgle.

I was going to put up the re-written fleet list. But it's late so itll save for the next update instead.


  1. That is hands down the best demonship ive ever seen, and to top it off, its painted AMAZINGLY!

  2. Cheers very much. Have to admit I am quite pleased how it turned out. Just need to do a couple of things to do to it and I can crack on with re-building the Battleship.

  3. Very cool! I like the "make-do repairs" with the chaos lance batteries, they look great - keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Cheers, I think the make do job of the lances worked out well so good to hear someone agree...rather than just thinking I was being a cheapskate in not buying the actual pieces...

  5. Fantastic work on the Daemon ship sir, think that is my favourite of all the ships you have done so far.

    The fallen imperial cruiser is looking great too, really like the use of chaos cruiser parts on it.

    keep up the good work dude :)

  6. Hey mate, just a random sufer stopping by to say I love your Daemonship. I finished one myself a bit ago and started looking around to see what everybody has done (should've done that first.) Great job!



  7. Wow, this is just so great! May I ask you how you did that spine-thing? What bit is it, and where is it from?

  8. Cheers for the comment.

    The spine is one of the 'arms' from the Dark Eldar Talos kit. Bent slightly to fit better. I just carved a groove into the top of the ship to fit the spine in then added GS around it. Quite a simple job but work well I thought.

  9. I just need to know what you used to make the growth´s?! they look awesome.

    1. Hi, thanks very much.

      Which growths do you mean in particularly?

      The fleshy areas are GS, while the 'rough' area is actualy sugar & superglue while the'balls' are GS rolled into a ball and left to cure before being pushed into the GS.

      If you mean something else point it out and i'l let you know. Cheers.

    2. oh sorry, shod have specified. I ment the fleshy parts, sugar?? hehe not very chaos :P But hey it looks great, i might just doing something like that my self. Thanks for the inspiration.