Friday, 8 July 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Three Months In

Well the blog has hit three months...surprisingly.

A summary on the past month shows us that:

  1. The excursion into Battlefleet Gothic has gathered pace and resulted in far too many of my hours being spent on eBay.
  2. Mordheim however has been quiet – mainly down to the long wait for the Gors to arrive from Wayland resulting in the surge for BFG.
  3. The Ammobunker Open Bash came and went without a hitch, which as I organised and ran it this was naturally a relief. Even got to play Dambustas.
  4. The Open Bash saw my last day as an Ammobunker Admin, so for the first time in several years this month has been AB free. Rather enjoying the freedom and lack of hassle so far.
  5. The number of followers of RD has hit 47. Cheers for everyone who has shown an interest and started following me, and a special thanks to all those who take the time to leave a comment. It is always appreciated.
  6. My Games Day ticket arrived, the mini went on eBay and pretty much paid for the ticket (well it did before eBay and Paypal took their fees).

So what will the coming month bring to RD?

Well the first wave of the Nurgle fleet will be completed – this will be everything bar the Forge World Marine cruisers and escorts which I won’t be picking up till Games Day in September.

"Papa Nurgle's Fleet of Filth"
The War Altar will come back under the spotlight as I have decided to use it as a Golden Demon entry. The deadline should see it get completed.

More filth for Nurgle

The Mordheim warbands should take shape, quick off the mark will come the Beastmen and then more slowly the Carnival of Chaos.

Rather early beginnings of the Beastmen.warband.

The Realm of Battle gaming board will see some water effects added and I may start work on the additional panels.

Insert Relevant or Witty Comment Here
And there will be a smattering of other ‘back from the dead’ posts including more Nurgle vehicles, an Admech Chimera and some more Militia vehicles and infantry.

Plus of course anything new and shiny that takes my eye.


  1. Congrats on 3 months man, I'm nearly at 2 months and I'm still enjoying it.

    I'm looking to go to Games Day through selling a bunch of minis on ebay to funnily enough haha.

    The War Altar looks excellent!

  2. Cheers very much.

    Games Day is usually worth going to, mainly for the FW guys and seeing what some people come up with for Golden Demon and the gaming tables.

    However the multitude of over excited 12 year olds and the FW sales stand mosh put aren't so much fun...shame you can't take a riot shield.