Sunday, 31 July 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Having a clear out

Not a particulary interesting update I am afraid.

I am having something of a clear out, I have a load of Marine bits clogging up one of my bits boxes and also a few other models knocking around which can clear some room.

So to begin with there are three auctions on eBay if anyone is interested in picking up something cheap:

Sigvald the Magnificent - unbuilt Sigvald linky
Ezekiel - unpainted Ezekiel linky
Grot Mega Tank - unbuilt though missing Grot commander Mega Tank linky

All 99p starting bids.

Next week I will start listing all of the Marine bits that need to be cleared - I just can't face doing all of those auctions tonight.


  1. Keen to see what you have on offer for Marines. I'm always after interesting bits.

  2. Cheers, ebay auctions are now up for the Marine bits...