Friday, 5 August 2011

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 2

Well, my first post in August. Doesn't time fly?

Been a bit distracted playing some actual games (actually won 4/4 surprisingly) hence the lack of updates. But tonight I finally took the plunge and started to convert the two additional flat RoB panels into river pieces. The pictures below are very WIP (I mean very).

Once finished the two panels should join up regardless which was round they are to each other. I haven't cut out the last inch or so at the end so that the panels have plenty of strength while I manhandle them, once I start adding the styrene base to the river i'll carve out the final areas.

The 'straight' river panel uses the RoB panel with the 'road' detailed on it. This allowed me to use the rocky surface to give me river banks which match the rock pools on the other RoB panels.

The 'curvy' river panel above uses the RoB panel with the two skull pits on. The curved path of the river allowed me to pick up the two skull pits so I could use the rocks there as the river bank.

As you can see the rest of the bank lacks the rocks. The plan is to use some of the cut out pieces from both panels to give me the banks I want, areas will be cut out of the bank and new rocky pieces inserted.

The offcuts which will be cut up as the new banks. The top and bottom pieces came from the first (the 'straight') panel while the second comes from the second panel, you can see the other half of the skull pits on the bottom and right edge of the piece.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get on with the banks.


  1. Banks! Braid bars! Point Bars!

    Make a waterfall.

    Might involve making another board at different height and not removeable but you can do that right...

  2. This should look ace when its finshed.

    any plans to add anything to the water? floating bodies? barrels etc?

  3. SC: Calm down geology boy.

    And as mentioned I already have plans to turn one of the hill panels into a waterfall so the river could flow down the board rather than across.

    Maelstrom: No bodies, already got one of those in a pool. Or barrels as they would look a bit out of place. Will probably add something when I get to that point though.