Saturday, 6 August 2011

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 3

So a bit more work has been done, all of it on the second, bendy river panel. The river banks has had sections cut out of it and rocky banks inserted. All the inserted banks in this panel are cleaned up off cuts from the first panel. This has taken some time as these boards are pretty thick plastic.

And the inserted river banks pieces:

Still very WIP. A fair amount of carving and filling/sculpting with GS will be needed on the banks yet. I started carving with the dremel more rocks in the banks but these will also need a lot more work.

The other panel has not been touched yet but I have marked out more areas to be removed. The black shows where more material needs to be removed to widen the river on this panel (and similarly the first panel above will also need more material at the ends of the river removed). Some offcuts from the bendy river panel will be used on the banks here (bottom right area and as shown in the insert detail).

I did a quick check to make sure the rivers were ok for the two bridges I have, thankfully the width seems just about right. I could go slightly wider without a problem so if I get tempted I could always remove a bit more material without a problem.

I started on the bridges quite some time ago, but put them aside as I had no river to use with them. I won't be doing too much more than I have already done with them.

Using some CoD street lights, some old metal Sentinel Lascannon power packs and some styrene I knocked up some lighting for the bridges. Being out in the middle of nowhere I though it would be a good idea that these bridges had some lighting. Probably turned on by a sensor so that the lights only draw power when needed.

The only thing I may add to the bridges is a touch of 40k ness, such as Imperial bits on the ends like the pic below. Some battle damage may get added along with a few light touches. I may also add something under each end.

Some of the possible decorative pieces.
Good chance more will get done tomorrow.


  1. Great start on the board Rictus. you are a brave man cutting at a ROB board. be one unique board.


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  3. Cheers. Thankfully I got a good deal on a second hand RoB set off eBay allowing me to do this. If I had paid full price and this was my only set I would be a lot more reticent in taking a saw to it...