Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Slight Change of Direction

Now anyone who has seen the last few posts will know the War Altar was going to be my Golden Demon entry this year, driving home from work this evening I had a realisation that the War Altar just won't be ready in time.

It is four weeks till Games Day and I reckon I have at least two weeks worth of building left to do so that leaves me with two weeks to paint it. That sounds ok except for one thing, namely the last job I will hav eto do on the vehicle is add water effects to the digestion pool. Frankly the amount of time the water effects are taking on the Realm of Battle pools there is no way I have enough time to fill the digestion pool which is twice as deep as the RoB pools.

So rather than trying to rush things or compromise the build I have decided to do something else for a Golden Demon entry.

I still wanted something a bit on the big side so I have decided to paint up Da Choppa.

I have started prepping some of the pieces ready for undercoating tomorrow, but my first real job will be to pick a camo scheme. My plan for my Ork vehicles is that they are all looted Imperial tanks and each tank Kommanda paints it up in what he thinks is the best camo scheme.

I am open to any suggestions that people may have for good camo schemes that I can bastardise for an Ork equivalent.

For thos who may not remember/of seen before Da Choppa here is a quick reminder:

If you have seen any interesting camo schemes please do give me a heads up. More pics of Da Choppa can be found in an earlier blog post - just click on the 'Da Choppa' tag.

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