Monday, 8 August 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Four Months and Counting & eBay Clearout

Four months in. The signs are the blog will not die away anytime soon...

So, looking back on last month’s ‘three months in post’ I see that the last month hasn’t quite panned out as I expected.

While the Nurgle fleet has been finished to its pre-Games Day point and I did start (just) working on the Realm of Battle gaming board again I didn’t touch the other two projects I expected to be working on – namely the War Altar and the first Mordheim warband.

So the next month should, should, see the War Altar back on the workbench as GD is now scarily close. If the War Altar is going to be a Golden Demon entry I need to get a move on. However before that I really want to get the two river panels at least built and sanded, painted might be pushing it but it depends how quick I can get them built.

Clearing Out Some Bits... 

As a follow up to the previous post regarding having a clear out here are the auctions I managed to get up on eBay yesterday (43 of them, which was fun to do):

eBay Auctions

Loads of Marine/Dark Angel pieces including shoulder pads, weapons, body parts, Ravenwing biker parts, Terminator parts, Rogue Trader era Techmarines and a shed load more.

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  1. Nice one! I've thrown some bids on and I'm keen for some of those parts.