Sunday, 28 August 2011

Da Choppa 2

I hate painting

Truly hate it.

Da Choppa is progressing 'painfully' (see later). I have pretty much done the base colours now. I picked up a spray paint which is pretty close to Boltgun Metal and used that on all of the Orky areas. I have the Imperial parts a coat of Tausept Ochre. Imperial ID stripes were also added and the treadplate pieces picked out in Tinbitz for some variety.

Now I know the basecoats are a bit rough but 95% of these basecoats will be hidden under the camo so i'm not too concerned,

And as usual every project demands a price in blood.

Bugger to type now.


  1. No pain, no gain...

    Looks like a deep one too! ouch

  2. It was as well, pic was taken three days after I first did it so it was actually a bit healed. Very nearly a superglue job to stop it bleeding...