Monday, 15 August 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 9

During the gaps between packing the bits sold on eBay a bit more progress has been made on the WAoN.

At the rear some plastic was removed to allow more GS to be added around the 'flesh pit'. The plates which the fuel drums normally go had all the detail removed so they were flat, with the holes filled with styrene and GS. Replacement rivets will be added shortly. GS was added to either side of the engine block/flesh pit and onto these side plates.

GS was added in a few other areas (mainly as I had some left after each period of work on the rear), such as the join between the front of the sponsons and the side of the hull, as well as a few spots on top of the tank.

Now some shots with bits blu-tac'd in place. On each side of the flesh pit I had the idea of doing some more planking, where the slaves can push the 'supplicants' into the pit.

Meanwhile a bit more work was done on the exhausts. I am thinking of offsetting the height of them, just to make them a bit more interesting.

So much still left to do...


  1. Looking good. I can't wait for your next update. Do you have rules in mind to field it with or are you just building it for a centerpiece?


  2. This is just brilliant. Its a really sinister idea and one that works better than the plague tower I think. It just fits so well! really well done and by god I am going to have to be strong not to rip you off and build my own!

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    ColKG: Probably more just building it for the fun. I will do an Apoc Datasheet for it but chances are i'll never actually use it in a game.

    MoaS: Cheers and feel free to do your own! Would be good to see someone else's take on the idea. best thing is every War Altar should be different so as you build one you can go in any direction your desire takes you...

  4. WOW, some really insane and awesome scratchbuilding work here.

    I always love me some Nurgle :)

  5. Cheers. Hopefully I'll be able to get back onto the Altar and get it finished sometime soon.