Thursday, 11 August 2011

Realm of Battle Gaming Board 5

River panels have progressed somewhat.

Styrene has been added into the cut out river panels, the gaps packed out with styrene offcuts (barely got any left now of the small offcuts I keep, just in case) and milliput has been added to the banks. The banks still need a lot of work, both sanding, patching up etc as well as all the rocks added.

Putting the styrene base in wasn't a quick job, it involves cutting a single piece to fit into the panel, this also requires the carving away of just over a millimetre to allow the sheet to fit in.

Before the panels were glued in place I removed the majority of the remaining panel at each end of the river. A small amount was left for strength, this will be removed once everything else is done. The other panel (with the curvy river) was a bugger to do.

Anyway, I used a shedload of styrene offcuts, cut into even smaller pieces) to both fix the styrene in place and also roughly fill the gaps.

Almost a full pack of Milliput was then used to fill the banks in.

As you can see it is pretty rough, the whole lot will need sanding and some touching up. The plastic will also need more work. Also many rocks will be added along the river edge (like in the pools) which will hide much of the Milliput. The big important thing the milliput does is seal the gap - both making it water tight and adding a lot of strength.

And the two panels together...

And the 'mood' shots...

Unfortunately Games Day is approaching so the panels will be packed away tomorrow (once the Milliput has fully cured) so that I can get working on the War Altar.


  1. Does look really awesome. Good stuff.

  2. Cheers for the comments.

    Quite pleased how it is looking so far, shame I have to put it on hold for now.

  3. Very cool indeed. I like the addition of the bridges to gauge the "mood" of the board. I can't wait to see it completed.

  4. Cheers. Hopefully I will be able to get back on it pretty soon, once Games Day has come and gone it'll be one of the priorities to get finished.