Monday 29 August 2011

Propaganda and Information Posters

I originally did these posters way back in 2006 and posted them on Warseer including a pdf sheet so people could use them for their own use; as such they may seem oddly familiar to one or two people.

The posters are split into two categories – propaganda and information, though the lines are a bit blurry between the two. Propaganda posters are directed towards influencing a group’s attitude, while the information posters are more direct by simply passing on information.

Propaganda Posters:

All of these posters are based on World War One or Two propaganda posters. Just like the original posters these are all aimed at encouraging people to support the war effort in one way or the other.

I simply took the original image and manipulated it into something more appropriate for the worlds of the Imperium. For example here is the famous Kitchener poster and the modified 40k version

A quick change of text, an Imperial Aquilla and a Guard winged skull on his hat brings the poster from the streets of World War One Britain and into the 41st Millenium.

Another before and after example, this time using ‘The Enemy is Listening’ poster, this time from the US circa World War Two. Again just some Imperial imagery is enough to allow the poster to fit in nicely on an Imperial world.

Information Posters:

These are the simplest of all to produce as they can be created with just text and a few icons.

I created a template allowing several variations on the theme to be produced. The proclamation posters use song lyrics as the text (songs by The Wildhearts infact). I found copying actual text from something was a lot easier than trying to make something up, even with the text being unreadable at the size it is being used it just looks more natural.
The posters are designed to be printed out at 35mm in height, small enough to fit in yet large enough to make out enough detail. Back when I did these they matched in height some posters GW had produced, allowing me to mix them in if I wanted.

Once printed out the posters have to be screwed up before being flattened back out and glued to a building, they can then be weathered in to match as required. For ruins you can weather and add plenty of damage while still getting a good effect.

I tested the posters out on a simple ruin I built as a test piece for some Cities of Death (or Cityfight back then) terrain.


Hopefully this works. I knocked up a quick sheet of the posters laid out on an A4 sheet. If you print this out at 100% the posters should be 35mm high...


  1. Very cool! I'm a big fan of adding little billboards and graffiti to my buildings, and these will be getting added to my terrain soon. Good stuff!

  2. Cheers very much.

    I've now added a sheet which people can print out and use. Hopefully it works...

  3. That's a fantastic resource, thank you very much for sharing the sheet of posters. I can't wait to try them out on my terrain, they look terrific!

  4. Awesome work, thanks for sharing these, they are just what I've been looking for. They'll add heaps of character to my scenery building project.

  5. Great to here you both like the posters. Hope to see examples of them in use on your terrain sometime!

  6. These are absolutely going into my projects. Great work.

  7. Cheers! The comments are much appreciated.

  8. Thanks very much for these, used them for a miniature base, they look great.

    Images of it are here if you want to look

    1. Thanks very much, glad to hear people still find them useful.

      And thanks for the link, it is great to see them in use. The mini diorama you did looks excellent.


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