Sunday, 10 July 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 11

First up the two renegade Imperial Cruisers are finished up:

Here is the current fleet roster. As you can see it is now just over 4,000 points. However I am not fussed about getting a nice round number as rarely will it be fielded as anything other than a smaller force (say 2k), the full force gives me plenty of options for games as well as being able to do the occasional large game.

Bottom left shows what has been painted thus far and what is left to do. I have already ordered the second Battleship and the last Chaos Escorts, should be here tomorrow I think.

A bit more work has been done on the first battleship but not worth pictures yet.

And a quick pic of the fleet thus far...


  1. I like that you can quite clearly tell what the Imperial ships used to be, as well as their new allegiance. :)

  2. Those look great dude, I particularily like how the nurgle touches are more subtle on the first cruiser, could get close to Imperial ships before they would notice :)