Monday, 18 July 2011

Enginseers Chimera

Another blast from the past post tonight.

I built this quite some time ago now (five years or so I think, I can't be bothered going through my old Warseer log to find out).

At the time I was still thinking of doing an Imperial Guard army and I wanted a ride for my Enginseer.

The crane comes from a 1/35 scale kit as do the rear support pieces (though a different kit) as do some of the stowage. You can probably spot the Cities of Death pieces added to the top. It was a nightmare sanding that large AdMech symbol down to fit on top.

Overall I was never that happy with it. I liked the rebuilt hull (inspired by the Trojan shape) but the side skirts didn't look right and the servitor in the back panel didn't work as well as I hoped. I did like the dozer though.

A few detail shots:

Top detail and insert the AdMech symbol I knocked up for the rear door.

Rear minus the servitor.

And the finished undercoated pics, these were taken when I stuck the vehicle on eBay...

Most of the pieces remained removable for ease
of (someone else's) painting.
I do hope to make another one one day, but a lot better than this one. There a lot of things I would do different which would result in a much better final result. However finding the time to do it will be a problem.


  1. pics of this are all over the net you know. i never realised it was yours! it has actually been a source of inspiration in my own conversions and scratchbuilds for quite some time!

  2. Lot better? This one is absolutely amazing. Looks like a real engineering vehicle.

  3. Okay so... erm... How do I buy this from you? No seriously this is awesome sauce with extra spice. Would make a great addition to any Imperial Guard or Tank Company force!

    Very nice and thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice one - I'd seen this knocking about the internets in the past and it's cool to see it again. Honestly, I think it looks brilliant, and I look forward to seeing what changes you'd make on a new one!

  5. Cheers very much everyone.

    I didn't realise people would of seen it already as it was 2007 or before that I built it and showed it on Warseer (and possibly WIP Forum).

    It was sold to someone in France through eBay, cheeky sod then put it back on eBay within a week or so of getting it and passed it off as his own work, even linking to my photobucket page in the auction.

    As for improving it the main areas I would do better are:
    Rear - Scrap servitor and do something better.
    Turret - Razorback turret doesn't look right to me.
    Sides - While a nice idea I made the new 'flotationn' tanks too wide and they shouldn't of been taken right down to the bottom of the tank as it means there is no clearance. This is the main thing I would change.

    Anyway, something that is on the 'to-do' list.

  6. I think one of the hallmarks of a genuine artist is that they are the only person criticising their work :)

    This is really inspiring stuff, the dozer blade is exquisite, and I would encourage you to stick with the razorback turret - it looks distinctly more "technical" than the conventional one.

  7. Cheers very much.

    As for the turret while it is a more 'technical' feel it still doesn't look great to me. Just the shape and size i'm not happy with, sure I could come up with something better. One day perhaps...