Tuesday, 26 July 2011


It'll be tomorrow I think when I am able to do a post on the Nurgle Fleet so untill then I thought I would slip in a quick post on another set of terrain.

I came up with an idea for doing quick and easy minefields by casting up some mines, both anti tank and anti personel ones, then basing them on finnboard. A full set would be two 12x4" panels and two 6x6" panels. The difference in size allows me to field the 36" of minefields allowed in either one long strip, two 18" strips or three 12" strips.

First up the cast mines:

Anti tank on left, anti personel on right
The anti tank mines were based on a piece from a 1/35 kit (a spare road wheel I think). In size they are roughly in line with the Forge World mines. The anti personel mines were some random bit I found which I stuck some styrene detail on. The cast quality was good enough for the job in hand.

The finnboard bases were cut to size and some cat litter was added to give it some variety along with a small selection of resin rocks which I cast using spare resin I had mixed up - basically I had some moulds I did for bases and any spare resin I had was poured into the rock area of the moulds. On one panel I added some small craters and another one got a bit of barbed wire. These were followed by a smattering of the mines and then sand was added. The mines were done so that some were more buried than others. Some just peaked out while others had been almost completely uncovered. I cut down the cast pieces to allow the variety os positions/looks.

(note in some of the pics the glue hadn't quite dried with the sand, hence the patchy look)

I was tempted to add the empty boot...
but lost it before I had chance to make my mind up.

They all got paint jobs to match the Realm of Battle board (which I painted only a few days before doing these).

And a shot of one of the minefield panels sitting on the RoB board:

Quite happy how they turned out. I was a quick and simple job and with the moulds I have knocking around I can quickly do more if I need to.


  1. Cool man, really cool!! I love the boot as well, it adds a little narrative to that minefield, shame you lost it.

  2. Cheers very much.

    Always a chance i add another boot, if I manage to motivate myself enough i'll cut another boot off a Cadian and drill it out.