Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 14

Well the ships I have are just about finished now (I may go back and touch up a few of the early ones). Untill I pick up the Marine ships at Games Day I won't be doing any more on the fleet. The transports will also be put off till after GD.

The fleet mustering, crap photo but I couldn't find anything else big enough and black to fit them all on.

The latest two additions to the roster, first up the second Daemon Ship, this one has a mouth...

The second ship is the Despoiler Battleship:

And now all painted up...

So the revised roster fleet list now looks like this:

Now that BFG is being put to bed for a while I can crack on with the War Altar of


  1. I really like the one with the bollocks on the back, looks class. I command you to call it squidbeak.

    Painting looks awesome, lots of depth. Ossom.

    Do some 40k!

  2. That lamprey mouth is an awesome idea, lovesit. And is that white crust salt?

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    anakata: the stuff on top is actually sugar.

  4. Wow the whole fleet is finished already, thats quite impressive considering you don't like painting :)

    latest additions are looking good really like the daemonship :)

    and I agree with Steve Do some 40k! :P


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