Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nurgle Landraider

The plan for tonight was an update on the BFG ships with pictures of two more painted Cruisers and the next five escorts painted.

However that won't be to tomorrow now.

So instead here is something else dedicated to Papa Nurgle...

For Games Day 2007 a group of us decided to enter Golden Demon. So I knocked up this thing.

I took a second hadn Land Raider off ebay, pulled it apart and rebuilt it. Using a sort of paint stripper I gave it a more interesting texture then went to town with the GS. All the hatches were closed up with chain due to Deamonic Possession.

Finished build pictures:

And the painted pics. Technically this was the first model I completely finished...

As you can see the weapons were removeable - magnets on the sponsons allowed me to GS and paint inside the sponson area.

The tank ended up on eBay. Fun project to do and spawned a number of other projects.


  1. Awesome! I can't really add any more than that!

  2. Cheers, much appreciated.