Sunday, 3 July 2011

Battlefleet Gothic 8

Right...had a slight change of plan.

Basically ignore the previous fleet list. I have dicided to only do a Chaos fleet rather than one Chaos and one Imperial Navy. As such I am now going to increase the Chaos force to 4k (and a bit).

Part of this will include a small Renegade Marine element of a couple of strike cruisers and some Marine escort craft (all from FW) and another fallen Navy Cruiser. These to come later.

Untill then I have take three badly built and painted plastic cruisers which came off ebay, pulled them apart, stripped them and rebuilt them.

First off WIP shots of a Acheron Heavy Cruiser and a Devastator Cruiser, the GS underneath is done but I need to do work on the tops yet.

Devastation GS

Acheron GS
The third Cruiser is becoming something a bit more interesting. Namely a Deamonically possessed Murder Class Cruiser:

Still a bit more work to do on it. Quite pleased how the 'spine' came out. Used a bit from the DE Talos sprues. Lots of handy bits on those sprues.

Meanwhile I painted the first five escorts:

The fleet thus far.
Fingers crossed tomorrow will see the second squadron of five escorts painted and the three cruisers above finished build wise and undecoated.


  1. Fantastic work Matt, think we'll have to have a forum BFG get together some time, I want to see the whole fleet when it's finished :D

  2. Cheers, it is coming together quite quickly (for me anyway). Two more finished cruisers and five more escorts will be up on here tonight as well...

    Yeah would be good. Hopefully Si will have his Navy fleet in the works by then as well so there could be four of five of us for a gathering.