Monday, 25 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 9

Two posts in one day...can this be real?

On the rear of the tank I added a panel of styrene as the surface of the resin was crap. The FW exhausts were added again with a few Orky dags. I used a spare chimera panel to replace the old one that was removed. I carved in a few bullet holes where the Orks had taken some pot shots at the IG icon before the Meks could stop them.

You can see in the pic I cut a circle out of the styrene so that the curcular gubbinz on the back of the tank could poke through.

In the pic above you can see where I added a bit of tube where the fuel line goes into the engine area, it was pretty rough down there and there was actually a gap between the pipe and the vertical panel, the cast and kit wasn't the best to be honest. I also got rid of the circular locating peg thing and GS the area. The peg is no longer needed as it was only to locate the original Stormsword superstructure.

Bit undecided what to do underneath the engine block:

It is pretty rough around the join and generally looks a bit naff. On the one hand it is underneath the tank and will probably never be seen by anyone, on the other I will know it is there and could look better. Will have to have a think about it.

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