Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 7

Another mini-update.

Did a few little detail pieces...

Added a bit of walkway in front of the fuel drum, so that no grots fall down the gap. Health and Safety is very strict about working at heights...

On right you can see the hook the fuel hose hangs from a bit better.
At the front I added some support to the walkway including a mini ladder for access. Added a hatch on the wall as it was looking pretty bland along with a welded in piece to help support the overhanging roof.

At that point I should of gone round adding the plating along the walkway.

However I got distracted and did this:

A short attention span is a dangerous thing.
I removed all of the detail from the front panels including the drivers viewport. Decided it looked boring and bland. Then had a bit of a rummage in one of my bits boxes and proceeded to Orkify the front.

Down the other side will be built out a bit and a new drivers viewport added. Along the front will be more plating etc.

Don't think I will get anything done tonight so probably a day or two till the next update.

Unless I get distracted again naturally.

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