Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 1

The first modelling related post on here...

This is my current project, or rather one of the current projects. It is very, very WIP. There is a lot of building and even more detailing to do, but it is slowly taking shape.

The base model is a FW Stormsword which I have had for some time. Originally it saw service in my Militia force alongside a Decimator (a converted Baneblade, styled as a precursor of the Shadowsword - done before the plastic GW kit came out). I decided it just didn't fit due to the style of the vehicle, compared to the Decimator and any other plastic superheavies I may add it looked pretty plain and 'squashed'.

So it had to be converted. I considered a number of options:
1. Plague Tower.
2. Khorne Deamon Engine
3. Tracked Stompa
4. Weirdboy Battle Tower.

The W.B.T. sounded the more fun, so here we are. Based roughly on the old Epic design but moved from a gun wagon to a superheavy hull it'll probably end up 12-14" tall and house more than one Weirdboy at the top of the tower.

Currently I have only done the base work on the hull and the base of the tower. The plan is to finish this area then move onto the tower itself. So much work needs to be done it'll take me all night to list it, so I won't.

So much yet to do...

...including an untold number of rivets.

The only bit of detail I have added so far is a door. This isn't glued in place yet as the plan is to have a Madboy looking out through the hatch. I am hoping someone will be able to sculpt a selection of Madboy heads for me to use as 'crew'.

The Ork crew will be split into two groups - Minderz & Madboyz. The Minderz are the 'official' Ork krew while the Madboyz are more like an infestation the Minderz can't seem to get rid of, they just get drawn to all the Waaagh energy and find ways to get into the tank and generally get in the way of the Minderz as they go about their business of driving, shooting and keeping the Weirdboys from running away.

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