Friday, 22 April 2011

Poisoned Chalice - 2

I admit this probably won't go down as the most exciting of posts...

The Poisoned Chalice board has gone under the knife and had a small cosmetic procedure.

All the spots of damage were filled with some filler, in some cases it meant actually making the hole a bit bigger so that the filler would stay in better. The one corner which was most damaged had some finn board fixed in place.

They got a bit of a sanding then a spray of black (after masking round them). The bit of brown is a different filler, while sanding some of the filler fell out (hadn't fully dried).

I then went round to paint the repaired areas and any areas where the paint had got chipped (or rocks had got knocked off). Thankfully the new areas of paint seem to match the exisitng good enough.

I then made some strips to go around the piece from Finn board, the corners where reinforced with some plastic strips i've had knocking around for ages.

Hopefully that will ensure the panel suffers no more damage while it sits in the garage. I wrapped the cliff in bubble wrap and then covered it all in a couple of plastic bags to give it a bit more protection and keep the dust off.

While I had this on the workbench I also got the second piece out and touched up the paint on that. No damage to repair thankfully, just a bit of chipped paint.

That's one more job ticked off the to do list.

Next up a bit of work on the Weirdboy Tower tonight, then onto the Dambustas repaint.

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