Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 3

Started detailing the lower superstructure, plenty of rivets. Also started added the support pieces which will get the walkway fixed to, i'll leave them off for now though as they'll just get in the way.

Blue-tac'd a fan in place to make sure I have room for it.

At the rear the engine area has started to take shape. Lots more to do but the first two 'tubes' have had the tops added and the central section is pretty much done. Fuel cap at the bottom with a big lever (not glued in position yet).

Thought i'd best show a full shot. You can see just how tall it is looking at the moment.

I am thinking it will be best to make up some mock ups of the Weirdboy chambers which will go at the top. It'll give me an idea of how much height they will add, and thus if I need to cut anything off the tube.


  1. Hey RicTus looking good really love your scratch orks.

    One question are you going to stop updating your blog on the ammo bunker, now that you have this?

  2. Cheers.

    I will still be around on AB, but this will be where I do most updates. The plog on AB will get updated once in a while instead of the almost daily updates I used to do.