Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 11

Bits and pieces added today.

Glyphs - 'Garg Wurr' and at rear 'Gutz'

Glyphs - 'Zog Madboyz'
Glyphs - 'Gor' and on the door 'Thug'

Spikes have been added along the walkway & a number of glyphs added. Still more glyphs to add and a load of dags.

Garg Wurr - Big/Terrifying, Weird
Gutz - Engine
Zog Madboyz - Stay Away, Madboyz! or Stay Away Madboyz! can be read either way.
Gor - Slaughter
Thug - Minderz (as in 'Minderz Only')

I started looking at the top structure, where the Weirdboyz will be based.

'tis quite tall.

From above...two forward 'cells', each one for a weirdboy. At the rear is the Minderz room.

Minderz room -
A - door to the tower,
B - doors to the weirdboy rooms.
Idea being that the weirdboyz can't get out without going past the Minderz.

The plan will change a bit, probably the weirdboy cells getting slightly bigger to the side, with the minderz room growing out the back a bit and changing shape slightly. The mockup is just to get an area of overall size and height.

Roof angled up to the central tower, the internal wall will be angled the same. Above the central tower I am thinking of adding something. Possibly a Grot lookout.

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