Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Deffstrike Rokkit Launcha 1

Plan is to slowly work my way through everything I have done previously and put them up on here. It will take a while though...

For now here is my Looted Deathstrike Missile Launcher.

I started the model originally with the intention of it being a Deathstrike, purely for an objective as I thought having a Deathstrike in 40k, or even Apoc, was stupid...little did I think a couple of years later GW would put one in the Guard Codex.

Before I got anywhere near finished I decided to go off on a tangent and to instead do a looted version. Not long after that GW put out rules for the Pulsa Rokkit so when (if) this ever gets used in a game it will use those rules.

Quite a lot of pics there...

Rokkit is removeable and the launch ramp can be raised & lowered.


  1. That last shot is super cool!

  2. I love the way your stuff is actually built with an engineering mindset, the ram looks spot on.

  3. Cheers very much.

    The ram does actually work, in the sense in goes in and out and hinges as you raise and lower the ramp. Quite happy how it turned out, glad you like it!

  4. I know how to build all of that stuff mechanically, but working with plasticard and the small scale gives me a lot of trouble still so I need to practice more.

    I think Orks would be the perfect platform for the heavy customisation you are doing because nothing with them is ever off the shelf.

    Keep up the great work mate! Everything is top class!

  5. Cheers again.

    The best thing to do with plasticard is simply to use it, you learn so much that way. The only advice I ever really give is ensure you have a sharp knife and a steel ruler and don't be afraid to try something.

    The benefit of Ork builds is while you can still add lots of detail you have much more freedom. Any mistakes can simply be incorporated into the design. Not having to measure rivet centres etc (like I do on Imperial builds) takes much of the tedium out. I tend to find you can simply design as you build with Ork vehicles, rather than doing detailed plans. It is much more of an organic process.

    This build was odd as I had both Imperial and Ork styrene work to do. The base vehicle is Imperial which I had to convert onto which the Orky elements then had to be added - in some cases covering the previous convertion work.