Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dambustas 40k 1

Another post in an attempt to get everything up on the Blog, however this is more than just a 'lookie what I did' type of post as I will be doing a bit more work on this soon...more after the pics.

Basically I do rather like Aeronautica Imperialis, the Epic scale air combat game from Forge World and to cut to the chase ended up building a table to allow a scenario (which I need to re-write actually) called 'Dambustas 40k' to be played on it, Ork Bommerz attempting to destroy a dam with their Meks latest creation - 'Da Bouncin' Bomm'.

Here it is set up at Warhammer World last year at the Ammobunker Open Bash.

Close up...

The Imperial Installation

The other side of the Dam. FW Bunkers/AA gun not in the pic.

The lift, to save the officers legs.

Better shot of the Aquilla

The Dam itself, though the small statues are missing (dunno where they were)

The Dam in place between the retaining walls

Another part of the valley walls, this one with the road that
leads to the Imperial installation.

Another piece, with close up.
Please note, the infantry, vehicles and FW bunkers were painted by other was enough to do the board for me.

What needs to be done, and what I hope to be tackling in the next week or so is repainting the board itself. The blue is far too blue. It may be an alien world but the water colour is just too unnatural.

Not entirely sure what I am going to do about it yet in all honesty. So if anyone reading this has any suggestions let me know...

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