Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dambustas 40k 2

Progress has been made, i'm not saying by much, just saying it has been made.

I gave the boards some attention, sanding a few areas which were a bit rough then using a bit of wood filler in a few gouges. This got a bit of sanding with some wet & dry then the whole lot got a quick clean ready for painting.

The plan was then to go up to the DIY store to buy some paint, however, it turned out they were all closed due to it being Easter Sunday.

So instead I had a play with the aim of deciding what colour to actually make the boards.

This involved mixing up different colours then painting some pieces of card. Once the paint was dry I used some gloss varnish to cover half of each sample. I could then use a bit of the Dambustas terrain to see what the effect was. In the end I picked one which I liked the most, a dark green with a (very small) tint of blue.

I will now take the piece of card, without the varnish on, to the DIY store so they can mix a small pot up for me.

NB: The colours in the pic aren't completely accurate. As such i'm not sure off hand which of the above is the one I picked.

Once the boards are painted I'll give it a good coat or two of gloss varnish. This time I will use a spray varnish to avoid any brush strokes showing up.

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