Sunday, 10 April 2011

War Altar of Nurgle 1

In a talkative mood so might as well post up the current state pictures of another of the current projects.

War Altar of Nurgle

So...basically, a big tank with a bell on top which from above shows a large Nurgle icon.

Three turrets mounting Demolisher Cannon. I cast these up rather than trying to make three identical pieces. The cannon are mounted with magnets.

The two sponsons mount Rotcannon...
...which are also held in place with magnets. They are converted from Warhammer Empire Cannon.

I have started to add more Nurgley texture to the top:

Eventually (this is a very slow burning project) there will be Nurgle priests, FW Plaguebearer and a heavily modified Screaming Bell added...

The original mock up. While as rough as a badger's arse
it shows you what the bell looks like.

One day this thing will be finished, to the pleasure of Papa Nurgle one hopes

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